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Things to Do in Plattsburgh, NY

The city of Plattsburgh may not be as large as New York City, but it can still show you a good time. Plattsburgh offers a laid-back environment where you can enjoy nature and other city attractions throughout the year. Even if you’re in town for the weekend, there is something great waiting for you to discover. Just get ready to experience the best of North New York like never before.

Check out Broad Street’s list of the best things to do in Plattsburgh, NY:

Plattsburgh City Beach

Location: 4 Beach Rd, Plattsburgh, NY 12901

Plattsburgh City Beach is only open for the Summer Season of the year. This spot is one of the largest freshwater beaches in the United States. The park features beautiful views of the Green Vermont Mountains and Lake Champlain. You can also have a fun time by renting a kayak, swimming, hiking, taking your dog to the dog park, or playing some volleyball on the beach.

Cumberland Bay State Park

Location: 152 Cumberland Head Rd, Plattsburgh, NY 12901

Just off the western shore of Champlain Lake is the Cumberland Bay State Park, a popular natural beach area. During the summer months, this side of the lake is perfect for outdoor fun. You can enjoy swimming, camping, hiking, and playing with your family under the sun. This spot also becomes a wonderland during the winter, allowing you to do some cross-country skiing.

Enjoy a Meal at the Local Microbreweries & Distilleries

We all deserve a hard-earned break sometimes. This towns surrounding mountains and bodies of water make Plattsburgh the perfect spot to enjoy some locally crafted beer. The urban area provides local breweries with the right ingredients to create the best spirits in Northern New York. Some of our local breweries also cook up some amazing meals to go along with the smooth drinks.

Champlain Valley Transportation Museum

Location: 12 Museum Way, Plattsburgh, NY 12903

This is the perfect spot on our list for car enthusiasts to visit. The Champlain Valley Transportation Museum will take you through time and show you how beautiful and majestic classic vehicles were. You’ll be able to find automobiles that date back to the early 1900’s and rock some of the sweetest paint jobs you’ll find in town. The museum also holds some beautifully rare collections of trains, boats, and other transportation methods of the past.

The War of 1812 Museum

Location: 31 Washington Rd, Plattsburgh, NY 12903

Take a blast to the past and explore the War of 1812 Museum in Plattsburgh. The museum dedicates itself to informing the public about the War of 1812 and the Battles of Plattsburgh in 1814 through artifacts, art, and reenactments. The Battle of Plattsburgh Association also host a yearly Commemoration Weekend to share reenactments of both wars with the community.

Point Au Roche State Park

Location: 19 Camp Red Cloud Rd, Plattsburgh, NY 12901

How does a peaceful nature walk sound? Point Au Roche State Park is just under 15 miles from Plattsburgh waiting to be explored. The area is popular for boating and fishing, as well as volleyball and other outdoor sports. This park also has nice trails to explore and allows access to the lake for some ice fishing in the winter.

Taylor Pond

Location: 1865 Silver Lake Road, Ausable Forks, NY 12912

Taylor Pond is home to one of the most beautiful scenes in the New York area. The site features amazing mountainside views where you can set up camp and stay the night. The site allows visitors to enjoy boating, fishing, and hike around the memorable trails that surround the pond. You’ll be glad you took the time to visit this peaceful spot on the map.

Ausable Point State Park

Location: 3346 Lakeshore Drive, Peru, NY 12972

Just a short drive down south is Ausable Point State Park, a nice park with breathtaking views. It has plenty of adventures to offer canoers and kayakers. You’ll also be able to enjoy some outdoorsmen activities like fishing and hiking. Ausable Point also offers a great view of Valcour Island for those who love sightseeing.

Enjoy a Meal at Butcher Block

Location: 15 Booth Dr, Plattsburgh, NY 12901

The Butcher Block has been serving the Plattsburgh community some of the finest and freshest meats for over 40 years. This locally rooted restaurant seems to have perfected the art of crafting one of a kind steak. Butcher Block also cooks up some fine seafood servings and can top everything off with some of its signature desserts.

 Macomb Reservation State Park

Location: 201 Chemin Campsite Road, Schuyler Falls, NY 12985

Macomb Reservation State Park is just a short 20-minute drive away from Plattsburgh. You can enjoy both dry land and freshwater activities on your day out here. Visitors are allowed to explore the park’s waters on non-motorized boats. The park also offers playing fields, nature trails, and wooded campsites. During the winter time, you can participate in the ice skating, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, or snowmobiling that takes place at the site. It is also a great spot to take your pets, but make sure you have proof of vaccines for your pets.

Babbie Rural & Farm Learning Museum

Location: 250 River Rd, Peru, NY 12972

This museum aims to share about Northern New York’s agriculture life. It has some great family-friendly exhibits that will help you learn a bit about blacksmithing, milking cows, and other farm activities. The Babbie Rural & Farm Learning Museum is the best way to learn about the country’s humble beginnings in North America.’

Olive Ridley’s Restaurant

Location: 37 Court St, Plattsburgh, NY 12901

If you like live music, you’ll like Olive Ridley’s Restaurant. This is one of Plattsburgh’s most popular grub spots where you can discover some of the best-hidden talents in the northern states. The bar also offers over 20 different alcoholic drinks on tap and plenty of great food to enjoy.

Visit the Wild Center

Location: 45 Museum Dr, Tupper Lake, NY 12986

The Wild Center is located about an hour drive from Plattsburgh. This spot is well worth taking the day trip to Tupper Lake because of its fun attractions. The facility is home to more than 900 Adirondack animals including otters, owls, and other interesting creatures to learn about. This glorious New York attraction also has amazing trails where you can catch some of the best views you’ll ever see. The Wild Walk at this facility will take you to new heights as it runs high in the treetops at the Wild Center. You’ll be able to witness more rivers, creeks, bird species, and signature bridges and spider web.

Uno Pizzeria

Location: 578 NY-3, Plattsburgh, NY 12901

Uno Pizzeria serves great pizza, pasta, and beer in case you’re looking for a nice spot to relax. The restaurant consists of an organized setting accompanied by a great bar and staff.

Clinton County Historical Association and Museum

Location: 98 Ohio Ave, Plattsburgh, NY 12903

This historical museum holds three exhibit floors with eight galleries and display areas. The museum also features seasonal and permanent exhibitions that hold Clinton County memorabilia. It holds a variety of items like Native American artifacts and important documents that help us imagine how Plattsburgh once was.

Lomeli’s Mexican Food

Location: 24 Oak St, Plattsburgh, NY 12901

How often do you find Mexican restaurants up north? Lomeli’s is a great spot to try out some traditional Mexican food. These large and tasty portions of food will have you wanting more of the spicy yet flavorful bites. You can find a unique menu that is perfectly similar to traditional Mexican cooking. This is the best place to experiment what types of food go well with some spicy sauce.